Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

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Timeless, cozy, and versatile, wooden flooring is always a great choice of flooring.

It goes well in the living room, bedroom, hallways, and even on balconies, bathrooms, and kitchens.

That’s because nowadays there are several types of wooden floors, one for each type of environment.

By the way, some of them are not even made of wood, believe it or not.

Shall we get to know each of these wooden floors better?


Types of wooden flooring: advantages, disadvantages, and price

Wooden floor

The wooden floor or just wooden floor is the most common and oldest type of floor that exists.

The idea is quite simple: wooden floorboards installed one by one on the subfloor.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

The wooden floor is made of solid wood, varying mainly between Pinus, Ipê, and Cedrinho.

The biggest advantage of the wooden floor is the resistance and durability since the boards have a dense and massive thickness.

The wooden floor also offers excellent thermal and acoustic comfort, in addition to being easy to clean on a daily basis.

On the other hand, for the floor to withstand the natural wear and tear of time, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance, such as sanding, polishing, and applying varnish or resin.

And it is precisely this maintenance that ends up being seen by many as a disadvantage of the wooden floor.

It is also important to mention that these maintenances are important to keep the floor free from a pest infestation, such as termites.

The average price per square meter of the wooden floor varies according to the type of wood being used, ranging from R $ 48 a meter for a pine floor to about R $ 250 for a demolition wooden floor, without count the installation.

Wooden deck floor

The wooden deck floor is used, above all, in external and humid areas of the house.

This type of floor is characterized by the installation slightly above ground level, although it is also installed close to the tiled floor.

You can buy the deck in modules, where the wooden boards are previously joined together on a rubber structure with a male and female fitting.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

But it is also possible to choose to join the boards manually, but in this case, prepare for a more laborious and time-consuming installation.

The type of wood most used for deck construction is Ipê, Jatobá, Angelim, Itaúba and Massaranduba.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

The advantage of the deck is the possibility of covering external and humid environments with the nobility and comfort of wood.
But it is important that all maintenance is done to avoid wear and even rot of the floor.

The average price of a wooden deck is R $ 49 per square meter, not counting the installation.

Laminate wood flooring

The laminate wood floor is not necessarily a wooden floor. This type of floor is manufactured with HDF agglomerate, that is, a type of highly compressed wood fiber.

The surface layer of the laminate floor receives a kind of photographic print that perfectly simulates the natural texture of the wood.

The great advantage of this floor is the quick and easy installation, since the boards have a male and female fitting, being quickly placed in the environment.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

The laminate floor is also very easy to clean, just wipe with a cloth moistened with water and neutral detergent.

The price also tends to please. This is because the average price of laminate flooring is around R $ 60 for the simplest models, with material and labor included.

Laminate flooring, unlike solid wood flooring, does not require regular maintenance.

However, this type of floor is very sensitive to water. The minimum contact is enough to make it swell.

Acoustic comfort is another drawback. Any noise is easily perceived, from your dog’s paws to a coin falling on the floor.

Parquet wood floor

The parquet wood floor is very popular in Brazil and also very confused with the parquet type.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

No wonder, after all, the two are very similar. The difference is in the way in which the pieces are installed since the club is sold in loose pieces of wood, where it is possible to define different styles of patterning.

The parquet is sold in modules, as well as the deck, and the patterning is limited.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

The advantages and disadvantages of parquet wood flooring are the same as for ordinary wood flooring since parquet flooring is also made of solid wood.

The average price of parquet wood floors is R $ 70 per square meter.

Porcelain wood flooring

Another option of wooden flooring (which is not wood) is porcelain tile. Nowadays there are porcelain options with perfect woody textures.

The great advantage of this type of floor is the possibility of using the texture and beauty of wood in environments where it is not very suitable, such as bathrooms, for example.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

Resistant, durable, and waterproof, wood porcelain tiles are also very easy to clean and have no maintenance requirements.

The price is also an advantage since it is possible to find this type of floor for values ​​starting at R $ 38, without installation.

The disadvantage of porcelain tiles is that, despite the appearance and texture, it is still a tiled floor and so it can end up causing thermal discomfort, especially if you live in cold-weather places.

Vinyl wood flooring

Vinyl flooring can also be considered a type of wooden floor, although it is not made of wood.

The raw material of vinyl flooring is PVC and, as with laminate flooring, this type of flooring receives a superficial impression that gives it the texture and appearance of a wooden floor.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

The main advantage of vinyl flooring is strength and durability. And even though it is not suitable for damp and wet environments, vinyl flooring has a much greater resistance to water than laminate.

The vinyl floor also offers thermal and acoustic comfort. Installation is quick and easy.

Wooden Flooring: Types, Advantages, Disadvantages and Inspiring Ideas

The disadvantage of vinyl flooring is that it can scratch easily. The average price of vinyl flooring varies between R $ 35 and R $ 75, without installation.