When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors

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It is Always best to plan ahead for a wooden floor design because you may need to be out of the house (and probably should be!) when the work is underway! In Addition to the overall size of the work, another important factor is the type of polyurethane you choose. Oil-based polyurethane takes twice as long to dry as a water-based poly, and only one coat per day can be applied. If You go with a stain on the wood floor, this adds at least one extra day to the design as well. The monocoat Hard Wax oil coatings by Rubio and WOCA do not imply any polyurethane, but both products have their own timelines, which I will cover!

When Can I Put Furniture on Refinished Hardwood Floors



In General, we can sand about 1500-2000 square feet in one day. Newly installed unfinished wood is easier to sand, while a re-sand of treated and/or antique wood floors is a slower sanding process.



  • If you used Murphy oil or other similar products on your hardwood floors, this makes the sanding much slower, because the gums above the sandpaper and is very difficult in general for the sand of the wood.
  • Polyurethanes applied for a long time in the past can also be difficult to remove or sand completely out of the jacket and therefore these designs take longer.
  • ALL work on repair/patching or removing carpets, staples, etc., add extra time to a wood floor design.
  • The coating that was damaged by moisture and is placed or wavy will require additional sanding time as the wood floor would have to be sandblasted at an angle of 45 degrees to level before proceeding with normal sanding following the wood grain.
  • Moisture also plays a huge role in a repainting timeline. Wet Conditions slow drying times of all: stain, polyurethane (oil and water), and Blond/WOCA products! Moisture can be dimmed, however, with a climate-controlled interior!


How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors from start to finish?

This depends on what type of polyurethane you are using-based on oil or water. Oil-based tends to take longer time-often 3-4 days longer drying time (more if for larger jobs) and water tends to dry faster, so it is often 2 days (more for larger jobs).