Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews

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If you have been looking for a good supplier of traditional furniture, you will probably meet the brothers of Berne Smith. Combining the manufacturing processes of the old school with modern technology, you have the Swiss-Amish company which has built a reputation for making the best residential furniture. If you are looking for a quality furniture company, then you are in the right place! Take a look at our Smith Brothers furniture reviews, including the sofa and the reclining compared below!



Meet Smith Brothers Furniture Company!

Smith Brothers of Bern was originally an Amish company founded in 1926. Today They have a well-established history within the furniture industry and have been operating for more than 90 years producing sofas, recliners and more. While other companies began importing their products from abroad, the Smith brothers opted to maintain production in the United States and absorb the higher costs in order to maintain greater control over their production and be sure of the Quality.

Smith Brothers Furniture Reviews
Smith Brothers Furniture

Behind Smith Brothers Furniture is the ethos of doing it right, not cutting corners and a commitment to produce something of great quality. They Have confidence in their products and believe in the correct and efficient construction without sacrificing this pattern; They don’t create furniture, they Craft.

His knowledge and the passion of working with furniture are clear in his methods and options. From the construction of frames to springs and foam options, the materials that come into each Craft furniture are of high quality. They are always looking to improve on the top of the products and provide the customer with a better experience. Like Southern Motion and Jonathan Louis, the Smith brothers have a lot of beautiful parts options!

Smith Brothers do not sell directly to customers, instead of selling to furniture dealers who act as a third party. Operating from Bern, Indiana has resellers in more than 30 States that are well established and popular for their methods and products.

Your website is evidence of your knowledge of the industry and you literally have all the information you may need when it comes to selecting furniture, be sure to go check it out.


About Smith Brothers Furniture!

The Smith Brothers mainly deal with sofas and recliners, but also produce ottomans, chairs and storage devices. All come in a variety of different shapes and designs with sectionals, reclining sofas, reclining chairs, swivel back chairs and more. There is also the option to build your own and customize it to your home. Smith Brothers Furniture reminds me of Palliser furniture, but SB has a little better craftsmanship and durability.


Smith Brothers Furniture Review

The professional attitude of the Smith brothers is not denied. They clearly have specialized knowledge of the design and construction process that has developed throughout its long history. They well Understand the importance of furniture for your home and family and actually show the options clearly and have an obvious passion for manufacturing quality furniture that adheres to your core values. If you like the style that SB provides you should also take a look at the Four Seasons for a similar style.

Smith’s Brother reviews all tend to agree, with most people admiring the furnishings as durable, sturdy and elegant. However, furniture costs are higher than other mid-range brands. As a company, they seem to worry deeply about what they produce and it inevitably pushes the price, but it’s hard to put a price on high standards. Long service life and impressive warranty also limit the need to replace or promote furniture, so it means that front investment could save long-term money.

Other reviews of the company are mostly critical of follow-up delivery times and service. As the Smith Brothers don’t sell directly to customers, this is more the dealer’s fault than they are. As a company, they care about product manufacturing and, as a result, customer service reviews are produced. Despite This, you cannot criticize the products they produce that have great revisions across the board.

The Smith Brothers of Bern are on the most expensive side of the mid-range price range, but the buyers seem more than happy with their sofas and recliners. I haven’t seen a lot of Smith brothers furniture complaints from other customers. Globally, customers are happy to have spent a little more and are more than happy with the product. Traditional furniture You can rely on is worth stretching your budget and Smith brothers are definitely a company to keep in mind while looking for your next couch. I Hope you enjoyed our Smith Brothers furniture reviews and guide!