Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

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There are those who prefer the blinds for their practicality, but it is a fact that the fabric curtain has a special charm, after all, it is the frame of the decoration. Thus, nothing better than to be attentive at the time of your choice to avoid errors that detract from the look of the house. And then many doubts can arise, such as size, height or fabric.

Fresh Should Curtains touch the Floor?
Should Curtains Touch The Floor?


Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

This is a very common question, as we wonder what the handling will be like afterward. Curtains in which the bar drags more than 10 cm on the floor should be used in environments where we do not use all day, ideal for those who have the dining room in a separate room because the fabric is dirty and can easily be stepped on and even torn.

Of course, the bar leaning on the floor leaves the classic and modern environment, a strategy for not damaging the curtain is to leave it touching the floor slightly, about 2 cm. This small detail results in an elegant and chic environment, ideal for rooms and environments.

In rooms, the ideal is that the bar is 1 cm from the ground because it facilitates in the day today. But if you want to give a bold touch on your curtain, do it with the bar between 25 and 30 cm. This finish gives a harmonious and classic touch.

The correct curtain measurement makes the environment more elegant. The curtain too long impairs circulation and accumulates dust.



Measure your window and check the measurements. Check twice to make sure you will not go wrong. Ideally, the curtain should be on the sides and at the top at least 15cm. If the wall where the curtain is there is no obstacle for her to go to the floor, she should go to the floor. In this way, they get a much more sophisticated finish. You can choose to finish it by touching the floor or dragging it a bit, preferably. This may also have something to do with the trim you want, with the fabric used and even with the use of the curtain. If the movement is too large it is not practical for it to drag.

See how easy it is to make your environments beautiful?