My Refrigerator Stopped Freezing: What to Do?

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Many people are adept at do-it-yourself, so when a device in your home has a defect the most common is to seek information with friends, acquaintances, and even the Internet to repair your appliance, electronics or other product. In addition to being cheaper, it is possible to learn about the subject and be ready for other occasions. In that sense, you may ask yourself: my refrigerator stopped freezing: what to do? See with what can be done to repair your appliance.


What to Do If Freezer Is Not Freezing?

Steps to follow:

The refrigerator is not always a simple appliance to repair when it has a defect, but before taking it to the technical assistance or even disposing of it, it is best to know what to do if the refrigerator has stopped freezing. The problem may simply be associated with the outlet, which is not properly connected, make sure of this before anything else.

My Refrigerator Stopped Freezing: What to Do?

However, this often happens simply because the rubber on the refrigerator door is worn out and is no longer closing properly. In this case, you need to buy a new rubber, which must be the same as the old model. To buy the right check the model of your appliance, as the accessory may be different depending on the brand of the refrigerator. To change it, you need to lift the door rubber and look for its screws and loosen them. It is necessary to remove carefully but pull the entire seal.

Then, it is time to place the new rubber, the procedure should start in the upper corners and then slide the rubber through the rest of the door. Finally, tighten the screws and check that the door closes correctly. But if the refrigerator has stopped freezing and that is not the reason, in case you have a conventional refrigerator, the reason may be an engine failure.

The problem may also be with the thermostat, which serves to control the temperature of the appliance, or if it is a gas leak due to a hole due to corrosion of the tubes, which can happen with the time of use. This way, the thermostat can be low and just increase. Keep in mind that when your refrigerator is full, it is better to make the refrigerator temperature higher.

If it is the engine, it may be compressing too little, that is, it does not have enough force to circulate the gas and, if it is a leak, it can be external or internal. In case of engine problems or leaks, what you should do is call a technician to see up close what the problem may be. However, if your refrigerator is the type in which the freezer is separated, a frost-free, even for technicians is more difficult to find the problem.

My Refrigerator Stopped Freezing: What to Do?

The most modern refrigerator models are quite different from conventional ones and have a much more complex operation. This way, the existing damage can be in several places. Among them, the timer, the defrost resistance, the bimetal, the fan, the temperature sensors, one of the thermal fuses or any other component. Anyway, the tip here again is to call for technical assistance.