Is it Possible to Dye Sofas?

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The sofa is usually one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your home. It can be expensive to change when redecorating with a new color scheme. Although the dyeing process is not the best option for the sofa fabric, there are specific products on the market to change the color of this piece.

Is it Possible to Dye Sofas?

How the dyeing process works

To dye any type of fabric, whether it is leather, suede, or polyester, it must be dipped in the dye. There are dyes in spray or in paint, but that would not really be dyeing. The dyeing process requires the use of heat and several washes to remove excess dye from the product. Therefore, it is not possible to dye a sofa because submerging it in a vat of dye would cause damage to the frame, foam, and other components.

Spraying or painting upholstered sofas

There are several products available that can be painted or sprayed on the sofa\’s surface. Ideally, the pads and the foam inside should be removed. There are alternative ways to recolor the fabric on a sofa, such as using fabric paint.

Tips and tricks

A sofa must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying any dye or fabric. Whenever you use a product to change the color, follow the manufacturer\’s instructions. Before starting any project to change the color of a sofa, be sure to protect the surrounding areas and furniture with canvas.


Although it is possible to recolor the fabric on a sofa, be aware that fabric paint or dye may end up splashing on other items. This could include covers, pillows, clothing and even carpets or curtains. Do not try to change the color of fabrics such as microfiber, as this could result in small glued fibers, which would destroy the appearance of the microfiber fabric.


Instead of recoloring a sofa, consider buying your own cover in the desired color. You can also buy a cover made of natural fibers and dye it in the desired color. A sofa cover can give your child a new look, with less mess and less hassle.