How to use Mirrors in Decoration

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With careful planning, the arrangement of mirrors in the decoration manages to completely transform a composition. They are used for those who want to cause the feeling of spaciousness or work to reduce space, besides helping with clarity and aesthetics, it is quite common.

It is possible to use mirrors in the decoration of any environment. With different sizes, colors, and materials, the mirror can transform your home decor.

Be inspired by some rooms that have adopted the use of mirrors.

Dressing table with mirrors for daily care

They were forgotten for a few years but came back with everything. We are talking about dressing tables with mirrors, the desire of any woman who values ​​beauty. In spacious bathrooms, it is possible to complement the furniture with a large mirror, just divide it. This model has continuity on the sidewall, offering several angles for daily care.

How to use Mirrors in Decoration

Environments decorated with mirrors

When placed in an area of ​​great circulation and narrow – like the corridors – the mirrors amplify the perception of the place, one of the tricks with mirror widely used in the décor. In the bedroom, the resort serves to increase the atmosphere of intimacy. Just be careful and avoid putting one in front of the other, this can create a feeling of confusion, discomfort.

How to use Mirrors in Decoration

In focus or in context

A great example of how to use a mirror in the decoration so that it amplifies the environment is this small dining room. When placing the mirror, choose a point where the reflection will highlight exactly what you want. If the model has large dimensions, it is important to pay attention to the decoration as a whole – from the arrangement of the furniture to the lighting and decorations. This makes it easy to reflect your good taste at any time and for all visits!

How to use Mirrors in Decoration

Charm to the environment

The wardrobe with a mirror is an excellent alternative since in the bedroom we want to dress up with peace of mind. In addition, the element can bring a touch of sophistication and charm to the environment.

How to use Mirrors in Decoration


Mirror history

The first time the man saw his own reflection was in the water. The first object developed with the concept similar to the mirrors we know today was 3000 BC, in regions of Iran. During the Middle Ages, this type of article was only accessible to the nobility.

“One of the greatest allies for performing decorative tricks is the mirror”

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