How to Take Slime out of Clothes

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Slime, popularly known as slime or amoeba, is a fantastic alternative to entertaining children. Given the massive offer of consoles, video games, and technological devices, always attractive to minors, parents try to fight it with activities that stimulate their creativity. In this sense, slime has become a great option to stimulate manual skills.

However, while children play with slime, it can stick to clothing and leave stains. How to remove amoeba from clothes? What are the most effective methods? In this post, we explain how to take the slime out of clothes in a practical and effective way.


How to take the slime out of clothes

When you need to detach slime from your clothes, either by staining it when making the slime or playing with your child, the first thing you should keep in mind is that if you let the slime dry a little longer, you can be able to remove it more easily. You can use the following methods:

  1. Use a spatula or any other thin tool that can be placed between the slime and the fabric. Insert the spatula carefully and with gentle movements so as not to damage the fabric of the clothes, and gradually remove the pieces of slime.
  2. Apply a dry cleaning product, which can be easily found in supermarkets and drugstores, over the laundry area with slime and let it act for a few minutes, as indicated on the product packaging. This way you can get the slime to disappear and if there is any residue, use the spatula to finish removing it.
  3. To be sure you have completely eliminated the stain, you can use pharmacy alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, as they are effective substances – but do not use them if the clothes are colored!
How to Take Slime out of Clothes

How to remove dry slime stain from clothes

Another challenge when making slime out of clothes is when it gets so dry, but so dry, that it ends up getting hard and staining the fabric. All you need to do is follow these steps:


  • Toothbrush or clothes brush;
  • Detergent;
  • Water at room temperature.

Steps to remove slime from dry and hard clothing

  1. Use a bowl or cup and place it on top of the stained piece of clothing ;
  2. Soften the slime with water: let it work around the stain for about a minute and repeat this step;
  3. Once the stain is softer, take the brush and try to remove all possible slime from the clothes ;
  4. Soak again with water at room or cold temperature. Also, add the detergent;
  5. Use the brush again to completely remove the amoeba or slime stain ;
  6. Wash clothing with cold water to rinse well.
  7. Observe carefully if the slime has disappeared from your garment and if so, you can put it to wash as normal. Otherwise, repeat the previous steps until the clothing is free of stains, as it may need a little more insistence if the slime has become very hard and dry.


How to get fresh slime out of clothes

As stated earlier, the best way to remove slime from clothes is when it is dry, because if it is soft and wet, the task is much more complicated. Many people try to remove the slime as soon as they stain their clothes, but this is a common mistake. When trying to remove slime that is still damp, it is more likely that you will make the situation worse: the stain will become larger and affect a larger surface area of ​​the clothing. Therefore, we advise you not to touch the slime until it dries. If you have a great urge to eliminate slime, try to find a way to dry it faster, but avoid handling it first. Therefore, in order to remove the wet slime from your clothes, we recommend following these steps:

  1. If the amount of product that is stuck to the fabric is large or forms a thick layer, try to remove as much as possible with your fingers, but without rubbing, just squeezing the remaining parts, those that do not directly touch the fabric. However, if the stain is small or the layer is thin, it is best not to stir it while it is wet.
  2. So that the slime is dry and hard quickly and you can remove the stain as soon as possible, use a tool that dries the stain and speeds up the process. For example, you can use a hairdryer in cold air mode.
  3. Once you are able to dry the slime, follow the advice explained in the previous sections to get the results you want immediately.


How to remove slime stain from clothes

Depending on the fabric of the stained clothing, some slime stains may remain even after it has been removed. So, how to remove slime stains from clothes even after removing all the remnants?

Before making a decision to remove them, repeat the procedures explained previously for each case and put the laundry in the washing machine, observing whether the stains disappear completely or not after washing. If the stain has not disappeared completely, you can apply a commercial stain remover or some homemade mixture that is effective in removing stains. You can use products like baking soda, lemon, vinegar, pharmacy alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide, whenever it is not a delicate fabric.

Even so, when washing the clothes and putting them to dry, be careful: if you put a piece of clothing that has been stained by slime in the dryer, make sure that you remove the slime completely before starting the dryer. , since otherwise it can cling to the fabric more intensely, due to the high temperature of the machine, and the problems to remove it later will be greater.

If there are still some marks of slime, don’t give up. You have done everything possible and, at that moment, you must give way to professionals. Look for laundry and ask for advice to finish removing the slime from your clothes or, directly, hire the company services to solve your problem.

How to Take Slime out of Clothes

Can you throw slime away in the trash?

Unless your Slime is a very basic Slime recipe we do not recommend throwing your Slime in the trash. Always try and repurpose it or reuse it. Most Slime comes packaged in jars that are either cosmetic or food grade.

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