How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger (4 Tips)

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Having a tiny or small bathroom does not mean that your decor needs to be simple, or that the environment should be neglected. That’s because today you can find several tricks that make the room look bigger and more pleasant, allowing you to compose it with decorative items and style.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

To help you with this, we decided to present in this post some practical and very effective tips to transform your bathroom in a simple way!

It is important to mention that besides leaving the house looking more beautiful, this is a way to reform the bathroom more easily and to value the space. So you were curious? Continue reading and enjoy our suggestions!


1. Invest in good lighting

One of the essential points to make the bathroom visually bigger is the lighting. Whenever possible, give preference to natural light, which renews the environment and still prevents it from remaining too moist.

For this, skylights, large windows, and blocks of glass are good options, since they allow the entrance of light, dispensing the use of artificial lights during the day and saving electricity.

If it is not possible to make this choice or even if the room is dark, invest in good lighting on the wall and ceiling. Prefer LED bulbs, which are more natural and clearer. It is also important to avoid dark and heavy curtains – use semi-transparent and lightweight models.


2. Use mirrors in the decoration

Possibly, you must have realized that the mirror offers a sense of amplitude to space, due to its ability to reflect, right? So this is another trick to improving your small bathroom.

The use of mirrors contributes to the reflection of light and allows the expansion of the line of sight. In this sense, long, large, frameless models and nailed directly to the wall are the best options.

Just remember that by duplicating the feeling of space, the item should be positioned in a strategic location.

Place it in places where the enlarged image is pleasant, such as in front of pictures, windows, and small floral arrangements. Avoid placing it in front of the shower, tub, and toilet, for example, as this may cause a visual imbalance.


3. Prefer light colors

Another essential point is the choice of the tonalities of the room. The predominance of light colors along with the use of colored details are good suggestions.

In addition to allowing light reflection more easily, this combination also has an influence on the spaciousness of the room. For this, the perfect is to bet on the walls, floor, and ceiling in fresh and light tones, such as white, beige and pastels.

Already to offer a sense of depth, complement the decor and give a touch of life to the small bathroom, use colorful and vibrant colors in small items such as skirting boards, glass inserts, stripes in the middle of the wall and tiles.


4. Bet on the Organization and the Illusion of Optics

Nowadays, there are features that lengthen the look and make the ceiling of a room appear larger, as well as the space available in it.

To do this, bet on stripes on the vertical and place wooden frames or the edges of the tiles well in the meeting place between the ceiling and the wall. Preference is also given to wallpapers with smaller patterns and images.

Finally, always keep the space organized. Avoid oversized furniture and opt for shelves and hanging cabinets to hold items. A flower decoration is also welcome as it offers a touch of elegance, freshness and delicacy to the space.

Ready! Now that you’ve seen some foolproof tricks to make your small bathroom look bigger , it can ensure a much faster and more efficient remodeling. Do not forget that this is a way to make the house more harmonious, beautiful and with a new look!

So, did you like the article? Any questions left, or do you have another tip to add?