How to Get Rid of Mice in the House

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Want to know what is the most effective way to get rid of mice: repel, poison or electrocute? Scientists say there are four methods for controlling mice: exclusion, habitat change, imprisonment, and poisoning. Imprisonment and poisoning allow you to control an existing mouse problem. You can slowly but solidly poison, electrocute or keep rats away from your home with the help of an ultrasonic electronic repellent or natural repellent sprays. Which one suits you best?

There are many types of rats and also their cousins, rats, but only two types of rats can be distinguished based on their appearance and habitat, being the main enemies of people:

  • If you see large rats gathering in dustbins, wandering around your house, settling in your kitchen, garage or car, then these are probably the brown rat (also known as rats). stray rats, Norwegian rats, sewer rats or super rats).
  • If you see little rats running under the roof, in the attic, on the roof, then it’s probably black rats. (also known as roof rats, ship rats or home rats). They are not as sighted as brown rats, but they are just as annoying as they damage wires and chew TV antennas. If these mice live abroad, they damage crops. They particularly like cereals, citrus fruits, and other fruits; This is why they are sometimes known as fruit rats. Signs of roof rats include oil stains and dirt on the surfaces, which are left by their rust as they pass. Given your propensity to climb, look for these stains on structures such as between beams, not on markings along walls and near the floor that other rodents may leave. Since they often live above us, between floors or above-suspended ceilings,

As such, it is more likely that your home is infested with the tendentially more populous brown rats. They cannot be exterminated in just one day, but if you use the most effective methods to get rid of them (which are the same for all types of mice) and if you try to prevent them from entering your home, you will be able to clean your site.

How to define: a rat or a mouse?

  • The holes in the walls that are left by the mice have a smaller diameter than the rats (4 centimeters in diameter for rats, 5 centimeters or more for rats).
  • Rats and rats leave droppings along their tracks, in feeding areas, and near their hiding place. Rat droppings are usually 0.6 centimeters, while rat droppings are 2 centimeters long.


5 Most Effective Methods to Get Rid of Mice

According to the University of Arizona, effective methods for controlling roof rats include exclusion, habitat alteration, entrapment, and poisoned baits. The use of poisoned traps and/or baits can effectively control an existing problem with roof rats, but using exclusion methods can offer effective and long-term control by preventing roof rat infestation.

Here are 5 known ways to get rid of mice:

  1. Slowly but solidly poison the mice with poisoned rat baits and wait for them to die away from your home.
  2. Electrocute them. Use this if you are desperate and if you want to move them without gloves, use electronic traps. They guarantee a fast and 100% proven result.
  3. Keep rodents away from your home with the help of electronic ultrasonic repellents.
  4. Spray natural repellents along the perimeter.
  5. Plant some plants that keep mice away or use home and biological methods.

While virtually all existing rat devices and chemicals can be used outdoors, care must be taken with them indoors. That is why, first, we will describe all existing means to combat them and, at the end of this article, we will choose those that are safer to use indoors.

Using Poison Mouse Baits: Blocks and Granules

This is what we mentioned at the outset: Poison baits cannot be left inside near young children, who can naively try and eat “the candy” placed on the floor. The most popular mouse baits today are Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx, Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait, Farnam Home & Garden Just One Bite II Bar and many other product brands that are often used with special bait stations. When we talk about the extermination of mice abroad, it is important not to place the poison at random but where you saw some mice.

The best-selling product, Tomcat All-Weather Bait Chunx, is identical to the poison rat bait that professional exterminators use at rat bait stations. The active ingredient is bromadiolone, and a single intake is sufficient. A bucket with bait is sufficient for most of summer and fall and can last all winter. Tomcat bait pieces work quickly – many people report finding dead mice the next day or after a week or two, depending on the stage of rodent infestation in the house or attic. And it’s enough to deal with the rodent problem for a long, long time: “Once the most pressing problem is resolved, I leave the bait blocks in place and check them once a month. If one is ingested, I replace it with another. It’s the end of mice! ”

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House

How do Tomcat and other baits work? They attract rats and mice through a pleasant odor and, after feeding on the poison, the rodent eventually dies from internal bleeding or kidney, liver or heart failure (depending on the type of poison). It would be best if he died abroad, otherwise chaos will have to face the lurid smell of a dead rat, which will get worse unless he finds the rat’s corpse and removes it. We recommend you read our review of the 5 Best Poison and Chemical Rat and Rat Baits, where we have listed the most effective and proven rat baits.

How to Catch a Mouse: Electronic Traps and Live Catches

Electronic mouse traps are considered the most effective and modern traps these days. They electrocute a rodent when it touches a metal plate placed inside the trap: the rat’s death is not long and painful as it would be with typical spring traps, but instantaneous. Rodents are attracted to food baits such as nut paste, dog food, seeds, etc. These traps are battery-powered, which allows them to be placed in the yard as well. Read our review TOP 6 Best Electronic Mouse and Rat Traps Zapper Classic vs Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap.

The Rat Zapper Classic Trap is the # 1 Best Selling Electronic Mouse Trap on! This trap is one of the most effective and fastest electronic traps on the market. This opinion is based on customer reviews of (over 1900) who only have good things to say about her. Many people say they catch more than 100 mice per stack. And the result (the first mouse captured) can be witnessed the next morning.

How to Get Rid of Mice in the House

Although electronic units use the “arrest & kill” principle, live capture mouse traps are not intended to kill the animal. They are commonly used for animals you feel sorry for and don’t want to kill, such as raccoons and squirrels. Certain models are also useful for catching mice. Obviously, the animal will not walk voluntarily behind the metal bars, so it will have to use natural baits (those used in electronic traps). Then the mouse will not be able to leave its cage. If you still feel sorry for these disgusting rodents, such as rats, use the Havahart X-Small Live-Catch One-Door Animal Trap, and release them away from your home.

How Do Electronic Repellers Help You Get Rid of Mice Abroad?

Electronic repellents repel rodents with an ultrasound that humans cannot hear but that leaves rats in a state of panic, causing them to run farther from that sound source. These devices are quite effective if you are looking for an alternative to traps and poisons.

Ultrasonic repellents differ according to their power supply: through a power outlet, with standard batteries or with solar batteries. We do not focus on the latter option, as the insect-fed repellents are commonly used to ward off moles and squirrels. They are not particularly effective against mice. The other two types of repellents are mostly designed for indoor use where the effect is maximized. However, they can also be relatively useful against rats in your yard, as long as you regularly change the batteries or find an extension to plug the repellent into an outlet. Also remember to consider protecting your device from water, as most devices are not waterproof.

There are many similar products with old and recent styles. Leading products are constantly changing, new and old are disappearing quickly, which is why the best thing to do is not to get carried away with disposable product ads, but to rely on an item that has been proven effective, that has been as familiar by its users and has already been shown to be effective in indoor contexts such as in a normal home. The next electronic repellent has proven to be the best for indoor and outdoor.