How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen

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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen – Cockroaches are one of the toughest enemy insects for humans to win. Scientists have proven that these little creatures can survive a nuclear attack and all the disasters that Earth has ever seen. While this is true for cockroaches, in general, exterminating them in a particular home is simple. You will have to work hard through a single product will hardly help you.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen

The cockroaches are a common pest in the cities. In the hottest times of the year, their appearance is almost inevitable. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent these pests from overpowering your home.

We recommend using a complex approach when fighting cockroaches. Such an approach comprises a whole variety of steps and actions; to keep your house clean constantly until you use cockroach killers, sprays, repellents, and traps. We choose the best cockroach control products for those whose accommodation is constantly attacked by these pests.


How to prevent a cockroach infestation

One of the most important actions that must be taken to prevent roaches from being brought into your home is to keep everything tightly closed. Foods in pots or plastic bags should be fully sealed, bags and jars with trash as well. Wash household trash every two weeks or whenever necessary.

It is also imperative to keep everything clean. Remains of food, good food and also decaying attract cockroaches a lot and should never be scattered around the kitchen or the house. After meals, remove all remaining food from dishes and pans that will be washed and store the food to be consumed later in pots in the refrigerator.

Always make a check around and under the stove after cooking and near the refrigerator to make sure there are no pieces of food or any liquid that can lure cockroaches on the floor. Also clean the sewer and fat box every 15 days and kitchen, bathroom and service area drains weekly.

Look for possible places where cockroaches can come in and lay eggs, such as cardboard boxes, crevices, and cabinet corners. If possible, seal these locations with silicone and keep the drains always closed to make it difficult for cockroaches to appear.


How To Fight Cockroaches

If even with all the care taken cockroaches continue to infest your house, you will need to take other measures to eliminate these pests. One option is to put insecticides with traps in places prone to the appearance of cockroaches. The cheap baits to come in a gel and in a container with gel bait inside to be placed in corners, cabinets, under the stove and other places where they can go.

If insecticides do not solve your problem and cockroaches continue to roam around your home and your belongings, you should make sure they are not coming from the building where you live, from the neighbor’s house, or from the sewer. If these are responsible for the infestation, it may be necessary to hire a detoxification service.


Top 10 Facts About Cockroaches: Is It Real To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Quickly?

Anyone who has ever encountered a cockroach infestation has faced the same problem. At first, you win the fight and exterminate the insects completely, and after some time their smug faces reappear in the same places as before. Such returns occur at different intervals: the infestation may return monthly, every six months or annually. Why does it happen?

Our apprehension is caused by the lack of knowledge about cockroaches and their behavior. Here are some facts that will arm you with valuable knowledge against these mustache plagues.

  1. Cockroaches love wet and humid places. They are especially active in summer in wetlands. However, they can also feel very good in temperate weather since they have access to the moisture and food that are usually available in people’s homes.
  2. The habitat of insects is usually defined by their preferences. Most of the time you will find them near the sewer and behind the sink, near stoves and any heating systems as well as in the kitchen or bathroom. They also find isolated, dark spots such as floor gaps, enclosed vegetable boxes, loose boards, wall holes, furniture niches, loose wallpaper, and so on.
  3. Cockroaches love darkness and shade. Its activity increases when humans are sleeping. Come to the kitchen at night, turn on the lights and you will see dozens of these pests.
  4. They are disgusting. Unlike many other insects, they actually defecate, leave remnants of their food, saliva and skin at the least accessible spots. These debris can cause allergies and other uncomfortable diseases.
  5. As much as cockroaches love the heat, they hate the cold. When the temperature falls below -8 ° C, they begin to die. A day of intense ventilation in the winter can really help combat these pests. At the same time, cockroaches can easily survive a mild winter in a warm place.
  6. Cockroaches feed erratically. Females can survive up to 45 days without food while males need food a little more often. Sometimes this reduces the effect of food poisons and gels and does not imply immediate results.
  7. Cockroaches live in large colonies and rarely leave them for food. They do not have strict hierarchy like ants or socialize like bees. As a rule, there are 2-3 bunches of cockroaches in an apartment. If you destroy them, there will be far fewer insects in the house. They “communicate” by exuding pheromones, group along these “perfumed paths” and pave the tracks.
  8. Cockroaches are omnivorous but still have certain preferences. They avoid products that contain fat, spoiled food and mold. They love everything sweet and stinky, high in carbohydrates. They also feed on carrion and feces, as the Woking Environment Service page mentions. By the way, they too can consume their own dead. Manufacturers of venomous gels use this peculiarity to provoke a chain reaction by exterminating these insects.
  9. Cockroaches can not smell. They can only identify food and attract things only a few inches away. That is why they have to constantly move around and expect them to accidentally hit some food. However, if your nest is located near the trash or kitchen table, the problem is solved, and they do not need to leave it while there is enough food supply.
  10. 10. They breed fast and live a long time. During its life span of 170-180 days, a cockroach female can lay 30-40 eggs every 2-3 weeks. In this way, the cockroach population can increase 27 times a year!