How to Exchange Tubular Fluorescent Lamps Easily and Safely

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Do you know when it is time to change tubular fluorescent lamps and how to change them? When the bulb starts flashing or when it ends turn black, it is time to take it off and put a new bulb.

How to Exchange Tubular Fluorescent Lamps Easily and Safely

We bring great tips in a step-by-step guide that will help you when changing tubular fluorescent bulbs. Not that it\’s anything too complicated, but a little help and a simple step-by-step always come in good time. Here\’s the mini-guide she prepared for you:

  • You need to disconnect the fluorescent lamp from the wall outlet;

  • Rotate the lamp approximately 45º in the luminaire, holding with both hands, near the center of the fluorescent tube;

  • Pull the side covers back, take care not to let the reactor release the cover (it is on one side);

  • Loosen the tips of the bulbs that are on a metal bracket or a plastic bracket – they are plugged into two plugs on each side of the bulbs and pull them away from the fluorescent bulb so that it will disengage from the socket;

  • Take the new bulb and fit it into the socket. If it is from the older bulbs, you should move the plugs away to remove the bulbs, insert the bulb, and press it into place. Other models are threaded, only what changes are rather than pressing, you should unscrew and thread.

  • Replacement done, turn on the disjoint and the gutter to see if everything is working well.


Care to be taken when replacing tubular fluorescent lamps

Whenever we deal with electricity, all care is little. Therefore, the first step before changing a light bulb is to always turn off the light switch. Turning off the power, we remove any risk of electric shock.

Another important care: depending on the height of the place where the lamp is, we have to use a bench, chair or ladder to reach it, so be very careful with the unsuspecting ones – a child running or a dog, can cause a fall, as they may hit the stairs or the bench where you are.


About Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are among the most widely used artificial light sources in the world, providing up to 80% savings in electricity compared to ordinary light bulbs – the perfect opportunity for you to combine the economy with good lighting in your living environment. home or work environment. Another advantage of this type of lamp is its useful life: it reaches more than 10,000 hours of use.

Tubular fluorescent lamps, in particular, provide brighter lighting and therefore are highly recommended for places such as laundries, kitchens, and offices.