How to Decoupage on Furniture

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When mom asked me to give this sweet boudoir a makeover, I jumped at the opportunity. My grandmother had given her to use it with the birth of her first child (my elder brother). By the look of it, it had been painted several times and used well! Inside the drawers was the vintage wallpaper that my grandmother had put inside the line of drawers. I immediately knew I needed to preserve this, as well as the locker room. Decoupage in wood is very simple and this was the perfect combination with the color my mother had chosen. I love it when a vision fits in my head!

How to Decoupage on Furniture

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Before adding decoupage in wooden furniture

First things first… the little dresser had many layers of paint that needed to be softened. I started screwing the whole piece with my orbital sander. I was glad to see the sides of the drawers were in good shape and just needed a simple sanding before adding decoupage to them. Below is a complete list of supplies of the products I used for this makeover.

  • Orbital Sander 220 grit paper
  • White Lightning (cleaner)
  • BOSS (stain blocker)
  • Flamingo (chalk mineral paint)
  • Cotton (chalk mineral paint)
  • Black Wax
  • Cling On paint brushes
  • Chip brush
  • Wax Brush
  • Gator Hide (sealer top coat)
  • Water Mist Sprayer (for blending paint)
  • Mod Podge
  • Pretty Paper

After sanding the entire piece, I used the Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner and cleaned all surfaces completely painted. This was necessary because it had so many layers of dirt, oils, and paints. Prevention is better than cure. Because the existing ink was red, I used a product called BOSS (see product list above) blank to seal the red and block any bleeding through. Red is a cover-resistant color, so I played safe. A layer of sealant stain blocker was all I needed.


Painting the small device

Mommy loves pink, so we chose a color called Flamingo that was right. The perfect blend of pink and coral. After applying 2 flamenco coats (while the ink was still wet), I used cotton (white) to mix with flamenco to highlight the front of the drawers. This mixing technique only adds the right amount of prominence to the fronts of the flat doors.

I recently bought a Mr. Spray. Wow! Notice a big difference that this made in my paint color mix. I will never use the simple OLE water spray bottles again.

After the paint had dried up during the night, I used a chip brush to shade on the corners of the little dresser with brown wax to give it an added aged look. After adding it to the corners, I mix it with a large wax brush. 1 2 Gator fur jackets have been added to the top of the dresser for extra protection. Mom’s cat loves to sit in her furniture. Has! Mine, too.


Preparation of paper before adding decoupage to Wood

It’s like he’s destined to be. It was a perfect combination with colors and I love the idea of decoupage in wood. Mom said it was Grandma’s favorite wallpaper. Back in the day, they used all sorts of nice papers to align the drawers with. Nothing was expelled until it literally collapsed. The paper was in good condition. I was supposed to keep this dresser.

I pre-cut the paper as best I could with a pair of scissors to fit the drawers