How to Clean White Floor

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Our residence is one of the most pleasant places to be. It is where we feel at ease, rest, and enjoy pleasant moments, especially nowadays, when we spend more time outside than at home! However, for this pleasure to be complete, there is nothing like having a well-decorated, organized, and clean home, especially when the coverings are clear. In this case, it is essential to know, for example, how to clean white floors.

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Yes, Westwing is a shopping club focused on home and decor! But we also think it is essential to bring you floor cleaning tips, as well as directions on everything that involves the universe of décor and hygiene, so your decorative experience will be even more complete. This time, our focus is on how to clean white floors, such a delicate surface that easily reveals dirt. Follow our suggestions, get motivated, and get to work!


One thing we have to recognize: if your house is always clean, tidy, and well cared for, visitors and family will certainly find it even more beautiful, regardless of the type of decoration. But, for this, it is important to learn certain domestic tricks, among them how to clean floors and, above all, how to clean white floors.

Generally made of ceramic or porcelain tiles, the white floor – be it the kitchen, bathroom, or any internal and external area – easily fade, sometimes turning yellow or stained. To prevent this damage from happening and keep this type of coating always clean and with its natural color, understand how to clean white floors following our suggestions:

1º – Sweep the floor daily with the use of a broom, vacuum cleaner, or with a broom or mop type mop. Then, wipe with a very wet cloth and, after rubbing the entire surface, finish the process of how to clean white floors with a dry cloth, an action that will prevent stains.

2nd – Learning how to clean white floors includes knowing which materials to use: the washing solution must contain at least one tablespoon of neutral detergent dissolved in 5 liters of water. Never use abrasive products, such as candida, disinfectant, alcohol, and acid, as they can take the shine off the floor.

3rd – The procedure of how to clean white floors is simple and fast and can be performed daily, weekly, or biweekly. You have the option of using the cloth, as suggested, or pouring the mixture into a bucket and scrubbing with a broom.


Unlike everyday cleaning, knowing how to clean white floors after a job requires more care and attention. In this case, the tip is not to rub the dirt hard to prevent residues from scratching the surface, and use creamy soap mixed with water. Just apply the solution to the floor, wait ten minutes, scrub gently with a broom with soft hair, and rinse with plenty of water.

Knowing how to clean white floors also includes cleaning the grouts. For them, it is possible to use homemade materials, such as alcohol vinegar and toothbrush, or to opt for industrialized substances, such as special products for grout or the soapstone itself. But remember: when using them, you should rub the brush carefully only at the junction of the floors, avoiding scratching their corners.

By following all these steps, you will surely finish the cleaning step of how to clean white floors with effective and positive results!