How to Clean Dirty Grout

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The house floor is one of the areas most exposed to wear and dirt in our home. Hence, it is not strange that the grout ends up dirty, going from its white or milky color to a grayish and even blackish one.

Do you want to find out how to clean dirty grout from the floor of your home or business? Do not worry, then, Serlingo leaves you some of the most useful methods to leave this area of ​​the floor as clean and white as possible.


What Is the Floor Grout?

The slurry is present on many walls and floors or tiled floors. It consists of a thin white layer formed of plaster, lime or cement, with which the joints of the tiles are filled.

In other words: grout is that fine mass with which the gaps between tiles, paving stones or any other element used to cover the floor or some type of wall are filled.

The materials that make it up to give it permeability and porosity. In this way, the grout is one of the most delicate areas of the floor and walls. Why? Simple: being porous, this area can absorb any type of liquid and dirt, and is also very easily fixed.

How to Clean Dirty Grout


To clean dirty grout, there are methods of all kinds. Many offer you the most useful and accessible ones. It must be borne in mind that these methods do not serve to remove the cement remains after the application of the grout mixture. They are recommended to remove the dirt accumulated on the grout already laid and settled.

  • Bicarbonate with water: the first step is to make a putty with bicarbonate and water, which is thick. The correct measurements are three parts of baking soda for one of the liquid. This mixture must be applied through the joints of dirty grout and left to act for about 10 minutes. To remove it, it is enough to pass a damp cloth and finish with the mop. If you want to avoid skin irritations, it is better to handle the mixture with gloves.
  • Bicarbonate with cleaning vinegar: for this method, it is best to use a vaporizer with which to spread the vinegar on the bicarbonate. Before this, dry baking soda should be spread across the joints so that they are well covered. Once we have this ready, the vinegar is poured with the vaporizer and the mixture is allowed to bubble for about five or ten minutes. To remove it, you can use the mop with warm water.
  • Steamer: The good thing about this method is that it is the simplest and most practical since you only need the steamer and the water inside it. The machine must be heated and then the hose must be sprayed into the grout joints. You have to watch the dirt come out. To finish, you can pass a cloth or a mop with ammonia, or a mop.

If we are dealing with a larger case, whose extension is greater or whose accumulated dirt there is no way to remove it, it is best to call a professional. If this is your case, Many offer you a great team of professionals who work with the latest in cleaning technology.