How to Burnt Cement on the Wall

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There are some techniques to make a burnt cement wall, there are even several videos teaching. But the technique I’m going to show you here is with a CROMANIL Burnt Cement Texture. She, in my opinion, matches and closely resembles the look of a burnt cement wall. This texture brand has several colors ranging from the lightest to the darkest.

How to Burnt Cement on the Wall

Cromanil’s burnt cement paint is water-based, odorless, and does not need to be diluted to use. Just prepare the wall, determining the space with masking tape. And with a foam that comes with the paint, start the application, wetting the paint with the paint and removing the excess on the tray, and apply with straight and random movements.

Start painting from the top of the wall down. It is preferable to do the whole wall at once, to give a more uniform air, as it dries quickly. The waiting time for a second coat is 1 to 2 hours.

The more coat is given to the wall, the smoother and better the finish will be. Usually, 3 coats is a nice job. In the third coat, make smoother movements and fill in the spaces that appear more white.

With the application of the third coat and with the drywall, comes the application of acrylic varnish over the entire wall, this varnish will serve to protect and give a special finish to the whole work. You can choose according to your preference between matte or gloss varnish. To apply the varnish, just place it on a tray, and with the help of a foam roller apply over the entire wall. The burnt cement look will make your environment look more industrial and chic.