How to Build a Badminton Net in Your Backyard

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Playing badminton in your backyard is guaranteed fun for adults and children. The game has the same rules as tennis but using smaller rackets and a shuttlecock. Setting up a badminton net is easy. The size of the court is universal, but the styles of manufacture may vary. It is best to adapt the instructions below to properly mount your badminton kit.


How to Build a Badminton Net in Your Backyard

How to Build a Badminton Net in Your Backyard


  1. Mount the posts. Many are made of two pieces of aluminum that fit together. Join the two pieces together.

  2. Tie the net to the posts on the top and the area designated to be the bottom of the net. An eye bolt or a knot are the alternatives for tying the net.

  3. Finish the first post on the floor. Secure it with wires and piles to give more firmness. Stretch the net and insert the second post in the same way.

  4. Measure the net. It should be approximately 1.52 m in the middle and 1.55 m at the ends, but this may not be as important for recreational matches.

  5. Install the lines of the court. You can mark the lines with spray paint, chalk, marking tape or rope on the floor and secured by stakes. A standard court for the game of doubles measures 13.4 m by 6 m, for single game, measures 13.4 m by 5.18 m.

  6. Mark the lines for short and long withdrawals. The lines run parallel to the network. The short serve line is 2 m from the net on both sides of the court. The long serve line is 80 cm from the bottom line of the court on both sides. The serving center runs perpendicular to the net, in the center of the court, and within the service area.

What do you need

  • Badminton court kit
  • Rope
  • Piles
  • Hammer
  • Marking tape, spray paint or chalk