How to Add Glitter to Wall Paint

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Disneyland does this, and the best kids shops do it, so why not do it yourself? A bright accent wall can illuminate a room. Add texture, depth and a unique statement to any room.

How to Add Glitter to Wall Paint

A glitter accent wall can be found in the shops and Hotel rooms all over the world. It is making its way into homes through DIY glitter paint. If you use the tools and the right product, DIY glitter paint is relatively easy to mix and roll without any worries of cracking, peeling or bubbling.


Glitter Paint Additive

Glitter Paint additive is an affordable way to get a professional look for a bright paint accent wall. They come in powders that can be mixed in almost all types of paint without compromising the compound. They work with matte emulsions, water-based wood varnishes and most of the gloss stains and varnishes.

A glitter paint additive is versatile in its color and luster ratio. It is easier to control the amount of brightness you want to appear on the walls.

You can create a thick stain of a colorful, bright mix for your punching walls punged from a glossy powder additive or a mere sprinkling of bright luster to your favorite color, branding or coating paint.


All-in-One glitter painting

It may seem that simply buying a can of glitter paint would be the easiest way to go. It is packed as ready to roll on walls or other surfaces ready just like any other painting.

The advantage of painting with gloss and added to the product is that it simply opens the lid of the can and start applying the paint to clean the walls.

The disadvantage of prefabricated glossy paint cans is that most glitter inks are translucent and ready to roll on pre-painted color walls. Paints with added luster may require a second layer to achieve the correct color you want, which does not allow you to control the level of glare you put on the walls.


DIY Glitter Painting

There are a few ways to achieve the look in your own country.

  • To make your own glitter paint, add your favorite shine to PODGE mod or transparent glue. Use Two pieces of glitter on a piece of glue or PODGE mod. This will have a very thick consistency, so use a wide paintbrush instead of a roller to apply the mixture to the wall.
  • If you just paint a wall, you can blow glow in the wet paint. This will create thick glitter stripes in areas rather than an even general luster effect.
  • Use glue spray on the walls and blow glitter in the glued areas. This treatment is better for small areas. The use of glues requires a lot of ventilation, to keep the windows open or fans in which they are directed away from the walls where the brightness is being applied.


Tips for best glitter wall

For best results, use glitter that contrasts well with the current color on the walls. If you use a bright silver glow on the white walls, then you can take many layers to achieve the spark level you expect.

Always place the plies on the floor and cover the edges you don’t want to be stained with glitter.

If the brightness is instantly on top, clean the wall with a clean roller or brush. Bristles or sponge collect larger parts of surface gloss and reduce glare.


Ways to use glitter Paint

A bright painting accent wall is lovely, but if you feel like you could be too, you can get small and build up an entire wall. A strip of glossy paint on the midpoint of the wall adds a little Bling to a loft space.

A window trimmed in glitter paint can bring a focal point to a small room.