Best Paint for Painting Doors: 10 Tips for a Good Painting

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Painting the doors is important because, in addition to guaranteeing more protection to the material from which it is made, such as wood or iron, it also guarantees a renewed look to the environment, and also helps to maintain an always elegant and very current decoration.

Best Paint for Painting Doors: 10 Tips for a Good Painting

But for this, it is important to know which types of paints are ideal for painting doors in your house, which guarantee a good result and also have good durability over the years.

And with that in mind, today we came to show you some tips on the best paints to paint doors in your house, and also some important painting tips. Let’s check:

Wooden door painting

There are several types of paint that can be used to paint wooden doors, including lacquer paint, epoxy paint, acrylic or PVA paint, and enamel paint.

Of these, the best option currently for the internal doors of the house is the water-based enamel paint, which does not have that unpleasant solvent smell, has a faster drying time, and still gives a very beautiful look to the decoration.

For external doors, it is recommended to look for brands that offer extra protection against the effects of sunlight and moisture, which end up damaging the door more easily.

5 Tips for painting wooden door

Below are some tips to ensure a good painting on wooden doors:

1. Sand the wooden door to remove splinters and worn paint;

2. To fix holes in the wood, apply a putty suitable for the wood, and after it dries pass the sandpaper to ensure a good finish;

3. Remove the mirror from the doorknobs, and cover the keyholes;

4. Clean the wood with a slightly damp cloth to remove all dirt after sanding;

5. Apply the paint along the grain of the wood for a better result.

Iron door painting

The painting of an iron door can be done with the use of solvent-based glossy synthetic enamel paint, acrylic enamel, polyurethane enamel, or even automotive paints.

However, before painting it is recommended to apply a rust neutralizing product, which helps protect the iron against the action of rust over the years.

Then it is indicated to apply paint to give a background in metal, and then apply the paint. Here you can also use zarcão paint, which is also indicated for this painting stage.

Then just choose the color of paint you want, and apply one or two coats on the iron door, waiting for the drying time between each coat of paint for a better result.

5 Iron door painting tips

And below we separate some tips for painting an iron door:

  1. Before painting it is important to remove rust spots on every door, and for that use sandpaper or steel brushes;
  2. Clean all metal with a slightly damp cloth, for a better painting result;
  3. Remove the mirrors from the doorknobs, and cover the locks with tape;
  4. Apply the rust neutralizer so that these rusty spots do not form again;
  5. Apply each coat of paint according to the manufacturer’s recommended drying time interval for a better finish.

Another important tip to maintain a good painting of the doors is to carry out the process of a new painting from time to time (which may vary according to the state of the painting), to avoid damage to the doors of your house.