Advantages and Disadvantages of White Flooring in Decoration

The white floor is always a very controversial subject. There are those who love and those who hate, but everyone has their reasons. Personally, I find a floor impractical for everyday life, but I confess that I find it beautiful! Especially if it is like this, like this apartment, without joints or seams, because it increases the environment! In fact, when talking about the feeling of spaciousness and lightness, white, not only on the floor but also on the walls, is a great option, especially in environments with plenty of natural light. However, we know that many people do not like this coating because of the dirt and details that are apparent (hair, for example) when compared to other types of floors. And so, we decided to list the advantages and disadvantages of this choice, so that you can consciously choose what is best for you.

You can’t deny that white is classic, timeless, and goes with anything and everything! It can be used in a versatile way in all spaces, from the kitchen to the bedroom, no matter what your style. We know that white is a great bet to convey a feeling of calm, not to mention that it is very easy to combine it with other colors. The apartment example in this post is perfect for us to see!

Advantages and disadvantages of white flooring in decoration Veja Mais em:

Advantages of white flooring

1. White gives a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness, and lightness.

2. It is classic, versatile, and suitable for any style of decoration. That is, it is not inherent in any concept, and can be used without error in any project. So, if you ever want to completely change your home decor, you won’t necessarily need to change your floor!

3. White matches absolutely everything. Any color goes well with white, including white itself!

Advantages and disadvantages of white flooring in decoration Veja Mais em:

Disadvantages of white flooring

1. Dirt, this is the main reason why many people hate the white floor with all their strength. Especially if this is the person responsible for cleaning the house. Any dirt that falls on the floor, you see immediately.

2. Terrible for wet areas. The white floor in the kitchen is prone to yellow because of the grease. In the bathroom, using everything white is impractical, since the grout becomes moldy and dirty in a very short time.


The fact is that you cannot ignore all the charm of a white floor. Although it has some disadvantages, it works for a lot of people! Is that you? Like it or not? Be careful, as the images of the apartment presented in this post can win you over!